The University will follow the Semester system of Examination

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There will be University Examination at the end of each Semester of 6 (six) months. It means that there will be 2 (two) Semesters in a year and there will be two Semester Examinations in a year.
A candidate will be awarded degrees for Bachelor of Arts in the concerned subject after the successful completion of 6 (six) Semesters in 3 (three) years. In each Semester there will be four papers each carrying 100 marks for each subject and the students are required to clear 24 (twenty four) papers carrying a total of 2400 marks in 3(three) years. As in the case all over India, for Visual Arts the students are required to complete 8 (eight) semesters and clear 32 (thirty two) papers carrying a total of 3200 marks in 4 (four) years.
The Duration of the Examination will be 3 hours for 80 marks, 2 hours for 40 marks and 1 hour for 20 marks. A candidate is required to secure a minimum of 30% marks in the individual papers and a minimum of 40% of the aggregate marks in order to pass the examination.

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A programme on Theory of Culture and culture studies is supposed to be a very important pillar in the overall academic structure of any University of Culture worth the name. The Manipur University of Culture aims at providing an institutional mechanism to clarify, in an unpedantic way.

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It actually started to function on December 4, 2015 when the first Vice Chancellor.