The Manipur University of Culture has ambitious but fundamentally relevant programmes

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The Manipur University of Culture has ambitious but fundamentally relevant programmes befitting the first University of its kind in the North-East. The University aims at running
1.    a programme on Language, Literature and Linguistics
2.    a programme on
(a)    Theory on Culture and various aspects of Culture, and
(b)    Culture Studies, with particular emphasis on the Culture of
3.    a programme on Visual Arts
4.    a programme on Dance
5.    a programme on Music
6.    a programme on Thang-Ta
7.    a programme on Umang Lai -Haraoba.
8.    a programme on Theatre with particular reference to Traditional Theatre of Manipur.
9.    a programme on Manipuri Sankirtana.
10.    a programme on Indigenous Games and Sports of Manipur.
11.    a programme on Tribal Studies.
(a)    The Programmes given above will be of Graduate, Post-Graduate, Doctorate and Post-Doctorate levels of study and Research.
(b)    The Programme on Language, Literature and Linguistics will initially be a small and simple programme or discipline meant for refreshing the experience, the exposure to language and Literature and Languistic competence of the young learners entering the portals of the University for graduate studies.
As the University grows hopefully with the passage of time this simple academic step may flourish into a dynamic Department of Language and Literature,  offering courses for graduate, post -graduate, doctorate and post-doctoral studies.
(c)    A programme on Theory of Culture and culture studies is supposed to be a
very important pillar in the overall academic structure of any University of Culture worth the name. The Manipur University of Culture aims at providing an institutional mechanism to clarify, in an unpedantic way, the intricacies

Built Process

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The Manipur University of Culture came up under a driving need to safeguard the rich cultural heritage of state and to nourish its unique potential as has been envisaged in the cultural policies of the Government.

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It actually started to function on December 4, 2015 when the first Vice Chancellor