As the university grows the programme may become a full-fledged Department of Culture

Event Description

During the Academic Session, 2016-2017 the following courses are offered .
1.    Three Years Graduate Course in Dance
2.    Three Years Graduate Course in Music
3.    Three Years Graduate Course in Thang-Ta (Manipuri Martial Arts)
4.    Three Years Graduate Course in Umang Lai-haraoba
5.    Three Years Graduate Course in Theatre
6.    Three Years Graduate Course in Sankirtana
7.    Three Years Graduate Course in Tribal Studies
8.    Four Years Graduate Course in Visual Arts
9.    There will be one Course on Languages and another Course on Theory of Culture and Culture Studies, which are compulsory but subsidiary course to be taught in the first two years.
Note : Attempts are being made to start Post-Graduate classes in the coming years.

Built Process

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The Manipur University of Culture came up under a driving need to safeguard the rich cultural heritage of state and to nourish its unique potential as has been envisaged in the cultural policies of the Government.

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It actually started to function on December 4, 2015 when the first Vice Chancellor

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